Books are a wonderful way to educate adults and children about turtles. Below are some of our favorites.

Children's Books

  • Box Turtles, North Carolina State Reptile
  • Box Turtle at Silver Pond Lane, Susan Korman, Smithsonian's Backyard - Story about a female box turtle, excellent natural history
  • Box Turtle at Long Pond, William T. George, Greenwillow Books - Excellent natural history of a male box turtle
  • Old Turtle, Douglas Wood, Pfeifer-Hamilton Books - Fable about the relationship of all beings
  • Old Turtle and the Broken Truth, Douglas Wood, Scholastic Press - Story of love, acceptance, and the nature of truth
  • And Still the Turtle Watched, Sheila MacGill-Callahan, Puffin Books - True story chronicling Native Americans and natural history, through the eyes of a turtle carving
  • The Turtle Saver, Laurie Parker, Quail Ridge Press - A lyrical story about cause and effect
  • Little Turtle and the Song of the Sea, Sheridan Cain, Crocodile Books - Story of a sea turtle overcoming dangers
  • Interrupted Journey - Saving Endangered Sea Turtles, Katherine Lasky, Candlewick Press - Story of a young sea turtle. For older children, 10+
  • Year of the Turtle - A Natural History, David Carroll, Camden House Publishing, Inc. - Secret world of fresh water turtles, with a scientific background
  • Time of the Turtle, Jack Rudloe - Excellent series of non-fiction stories for the adolescent-adult reader

Other Books

  • Amphibians and Reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia, Bernard Marof et al., University of North Carolina Press
  • North American Box Turtles - A Natural History, C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr., University of Oklahoma Press